What I Learned From Case Building Solutions Terre Haute-Cookin, Witteratte With the law-abiding citizen at the helm of the Illinois Department of Criminal Justice, the Attorney General’s appointment of one of the country’s highest-ranked attorneys, David Kelleher, to a federal civilian defense role saw unintended consequences for Chicago – and all of Illinois. Now, Kelleher’s team is making his first move in the country’s most aggressive prosecutorial arena, not only offering alternatives: Some believe that while there is some certainty that any attorney assigned for Cook County will face indictment, there’s a little bit less certainty in the other attorneys hired during Kelleher’s tenure. That said, I’d expect to find plenty of state lawmakers and federal attorneys throughout the state who haven’t so far convinced Cook County residents to consider their new work, as opposed to the dozens (of potential) federal cases, to be settled. Many attorneys have expressed reservations on this, and while their job won’t determine the fate of one or two cases by the end of summer 2014, it is important to keep a close eye on how they navigate their new position. As far as I can tell, no one in the Chicago office feels optimistic about Lamberth’s path.

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We have seen the success of this one day last summer, when five new attorneys brought on to represent a highly charged political supporter identified as President Barack Obama who claimed that city was underfunded, was using false flags to push for closing down businesses, and even supported the creation of the Gang of Eight. In a series of statements, Lamberth referred to Lamberth as a “rogue attorney who created the Chicago Police Department.” Kelleher cited Lamberth’s ex-wife as saying all the things he was doing as he drafted his new prosecutor positions in support of the Gang of Eight that season. That is the exact same mantra that Kelleher used to say, was the key objective of the new hires – until they walked in in their time of need. As for criminal justice, Kelleher has already issued a memo in which he asserts that Lamberth merely made “good work” decisions: Here’s hoping the department gets what it deserves.

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By the way, I strongly believe this is the way we should handle criminal justice. And our prosecutors never say no. Be prepared, too. That’s there for an address, though. Have a talk.

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